Gabriel DeSantis

Life is better by the lake

Having been born into the business of home building and immersing myself in the culture, I have interacted with many home buyers who’ve all had one dream – that of living by the lake. Like all good things in life, this dream has either been too expensive or simply very hard to find. But today, I can say with great pride, Homes by DeSantis will make this dream a reality.

After intense market research and collaborating with some of the industry’s most renowned names, Homes by DeSantis is proud to present a spectacular luxury condominium community on the shores of Lake Ontario in Grimsby – AQUABLU. Right from the clear blue water, the promise of sun and fun, to a sumptuous home, this lakeshore hot spot draws its inspiration from South Beach, Miami. With its 120 condominium residences and four exclusive townhomes, we believe AQUABLU will fulfill many dreams. I say this emphatically because Homes by DeSantis has been building homes and communities for the last five decades.

In these 50 years, we’ve built over 5000 homes. Whether it’s an executive townhome, a condominium suite or a luxury single-family residence, each and every home we build showcases our dedication and commitment. This in turn has earned us customer loyalty beyond compare, with repeat buyers and generations of DeSantis homeowners.

AQUABLU is no different. It is a product of our passion and our desire to satisfy your dream. Brought to life by the talented Tomas Pearce Design team and visionary KNY architects, I’m confident that AQUABLU will please you.

Gabriel DeSantis, President

AquaBlu Concept Art

Embrace a lake life

Would you want to feel the bliss of living by the lake? Would you like to get lost in a sea of blue? Would you like to dance to the sound of the gentle waves? Well, would you? Then welcome to AQUABLU, your playground by the lake, a place where you’ll discover that the purpose of life is really the expansion of happiness.

Whether it’s an invigorating jog along the many waterfront trails or a scenic hike in the Niagara Escarpment, a quiet moment of contemplation on your balcony that overlooks the lake, or a weekend of wine tasting, here you’ll experience the energy and serene seclusion of lakeside living. Imagined to fulfill your dreams, AQUABLU’s decidedly beachy vibes and small town charm will give the phrase “living the dream” a whole new meaning.

AquaBlu Beach